Gekko Metal works Capabilites

Gekko Metal Works now consists of three welding production lines, Two painting production lines and two assembly lines and has 300 staffs and holds the annual production capacity over to 300, 000 bicyclesResearch AbilitiesGekko has a mature technological research team and development abilities, and confidently offers a lot of new style frame designs to the customer every year and be able to assambles the bicycle under customer needs. Quality ControlLike any great company, Gekko has a strict quality control process. Every bike is underwent thorough strict inspection and rigorous test. And it's not just our own strict standards we follow but also the JIS standard to excute for the frames and entire bicyle. We're so confident in the quality of our bicycles that after we test them ourselves, we even send them to an independent third party lab to run the whole set of tests (plus a few more) to ensure that only the top quality bicycles made is sold to our customers. Certification. Gekko has get the ISO2008 and JIS, EC certification and bicycle get through the SGS test.

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